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Joy Creations Greeting Cards have proved to be an attractive, affordable way to help promote artists and make quality Midwestern art available to more people, since 1988. The back of each card includes a photo of the artist along with descriptive information clarifying the significance of the art piece.

Special efforts have been taken to use recycled, recyclable materials in the cards and the packaging. The cards are printed with soy ink on acid-free paper so that they can be preserved for years. Some profits from card sales are used to enhance wildlife habitat, so the earth, as well, can benefit.

This greeting card company is the joint idea of Mary Ann Krzemien and Don Preister, both midwesterners of Bellevue and Omaha, NE. Don is a Vietnam Veteran, a Boys' Club professional for ten years, and a Nebraska State Senator from 1993 to 2008. He enjoys gardening and his horse, Ameara. Mary Ann taught high school for a decade before teaching at the college level. She enjoys ballroom dancing, flower gardening and the company of friends. Both are environmentalists, taken by the beauty and majesty of the created order. Hence they are quite happy to illustrate this beauty of the natural world through the vision of the artists whose works adorn the cards.

Joy Creations Cards, Inc. is proud to present these images created by gifted regional artists, that portray a glimpse, a mini-story of life in America!